Q1: Do I need an account to shop on Sochi Seo?

A: No. However, you need to make your payment online so your sending address, email and telephone details will be required.

Q2: How do I use my card at the Checkout page?

A: First provide and save your contact details and shipping address. Then click "continue to shipping method", next "continue to payment method" and then "complete order" to enter your card details and the remaining process is user-friendly.

Q3: If I do not have a debit/credit card, can I still shop on Sochi Seo?

A: Yes. First provide and save your contact details and shipping address at the Checkout Page. Then click "continue to shipping method", next "continue to payment method" and then select Bank Transfer Option and CLICK "complete order" and it is DONE. You will receive an email to acknowledge your order.

Q4: So, how do I pay for the order?

A: You have a maximum of two working days within which to either do Western Union or Pay cash or Transfer Internet Banking to these bank accounts: USD - Account 5366156435. NGN - 1012730523. Bank Name - Zenith Bank. Account Name - Sochi Seo. Quote your order number as transaction reference and send email to sochiseo@gmail.com. Orders without payments after two working days will be CANCELLED.

Q5: If my international card is not accepted at the check out page, how do I pay for my order?

A: Click Bank Transfer Option and next click is "complete order" and is DONE with a Thank You message to your email box. After cash deposit or transfer to the relevant bank account, send Order number to sochiseo@gmail.com.

Q6: Is my payment guaranteed in case I need refund because of dissatisfaction?

A: Yes. See our Refund Policy. In addition, you can activate charge back through the payment gateway provider 

Q7: What is the shipping method at the least cost?

A: Registered air parcel delivery through destination country post office. Valid identification may be demanded to establish ownership of parcel.

Q8: Can I track my order?

A: Yes, if your order is placed with tracking option.

Q9: Are there hidden charges or cost if I order from Sochi Seo?

A: No.

Q10: Do you do worldwide shipping?

A: Yes. We also offer worldwide shipping for FREE during promo campaign.

Q11: What is your refund policy?

A: If you do not enjoy our products you are eligible to make a request within a 30-day period from the date of purchase. Check our Refund Policy.